Jane Sutton and her cat Phoebe

Jane Sutton and her cat Phoebe

“The biggest positive of Mcglynn for me is that i am still able to get out and be independent.”



I’ve been more than five years in this house and it’s a good, stable environment for me. I’d never even been flatting before, so I really didn’t know what to expect. But as time has gone on, I’ve found my feet and know exactly what’s going on. There’s great peace of mind for both me and my family. 

It would be easy to get isolated, with my disability, but not living here. You have company around and support 24/7, but you also have your own space when you feel like it.

The community workers are especially good. I have regular contact with my community worker, where I choose what we do and where we go - the movies, shopping and a coffee, swimming, the theatre... I really look forward to that time. 

The biggest positive of McGlynn for me is that I am still able to get out and be independent.