McGlynn offers four accommodation-based services: long-term residential, respite, rehabilitation and privately-arranged accommodation.


Long-term residential


McGlynn’s primary service is the long-term residential accommodation for under 65 year olds with physical disabilities.

While support workers are on site at all times, the McGlynn philosophy is based around encouraging independence, full decision making and facilitating an environment where individuals have control of their lives.



When circumstances require, McGlynn is able to provide short-term respite accommodation at the McGlynn Centre in Mitchell Avenue, Dunedin.

Familes and whanau are encouraged to visit the Centre before any potential accommodation need arises, so they have every opportunity to ask questions and be satisfied at the level of support offered.

While the Centre provides a different style of accommodation, the McGlynn philosophy remains: that people are provided with support and care that enhances their quality of life and encourages them to live life to the fullest.



Some people find they need accommodation for a specific rehabilitation period. Sometimes that can be a matter of days. Other times it may be weeks or even months. Through either the McGlynn houses or Centre, people can lean on the team, within a safe and supported environment, as they work towards reclaiming their independence.

Privately-arranged accommodation


More often than not, McGlynn’s services are fully funded through various government agencies. However, if this is not the case, McGlynn is still available to provide accommodation on a privately-funded basis.

If you would like to discuss privately-arranged accommodation, please contact us.